Hotel Vancouver History

hotel_vanSome of Canada’s most unique features are the majestic railway hotels that were built across the country by the Canadian Pacific and the Canadian National Railways. For their time, these hotels were miracles of construction and engineering. Everything that went into them was the biggest and best of their time and they have become very much a part of Canada’s national heritage and identity.

This is the third hotel to be named ‘Hotel Vancouver’. Though its name and heritage date back to 1888, the present Hotel Vancouver first opened its doors in 1939, on the eve of the Royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Considered a feat of engineering upon completion, the Hotel Vancouver’s timeless luxury and iconic design inspired awe through the years, in visitors and locals alike.

Notch 8 pays homage to the hotel’s place in Canadian history with Canadian Pacific and the romance of travel. A reminder of Hotel Vancouver’s heritage and historical significance.

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